Dialing for Voters - Inside Political Phone Campaigns

Learn About Telecom Tools and Strategies to Spread Your Message and Get Out The Vote (GOTV).

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 1PM EDT








In this free webinar, we’ll be joined by Nick Pappas of Reach Communications to discuss the venerable telephone and the different ways it can be used in political campaigns.

  • ROBOCALLS – Reach voters quickly and effectively with campaign messages or surveys. Learn about tools and call types to support campaign goals.
  • LIVE CALLS – How do live calls differ from robocalls? What are the advantages?
  • TELE-TOWN HALLS – This new, exciting option is gaining in popularity. Speak directly via phone with hundreds or thousands of your constituents.
  • PHONE BANKS – What are some of the tools available for your campaign volunteers to use? What are the benefits?

Bonus Download

We’re offering a special bonus for webinar registrants. You’ll receive a link to download two sample telephone scripts – one for use by campaign volunteers and another designed for parties and/or advocacy groups.

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About the Host

Nick Pappas has over 16 years of political experience and over 8 years of telecommunication experience.  Having run voter outreach campaigns for national and local politics, Nick developed Reach Communications with the goal of providing the highest quality product with a low cost regardless of the campaign size.  Nick has worked as national political director for multiple presidential campaigns and has run a number of state and local races across the country.

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