Digital Activism Bootcamp

Learn how to build and grow a movement using the web and social media

Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 12PM EDT








We’re announcing the launch of a four-part Digital Activism Bootcamp, starting Tuesday.

If your campaign playbook is more than two months old, it’s time to tear it up and throw it away. Most of the strategies campaigns relied on won’t work anymore. And even if you had a digital strategy, it’s probably broken.

In this free webinar series, we’ll show you how to build a professional digital strategy, design your technology stack, and walk through specific Facebook advertising campaigns.

Lesson One

Our first session will focus on what’s changed and why most digital strategies are broken. You’ll also learn about two case studies that are rare examples of well-executed digital campaigns.

Lesson Two

Lesson two will show you how to put together an effective digital strategy and design your technology stack. This is the foundation you’ll need in order to be successful.

Lesson Three

Lesson three is all about Facebook. We’ll go over some basics and then jump right into three advertising walkthroughs to show you how the professionals get results.

Lesson Four

In lesson four, you’ll learn our Ten Social Media Commandments and hear some case studies from past students who leveraged these Digital Activism lessons to be successful.


We’ll also be holding a bonus Q&A session on Saturday, May 16th. Our recent webinar resulted in a ton of questions and we’re sure this will be no different, so we’re setting aside time in advance. You’ll also receive some exclusive downloadable templates and cheat sheets.

Lots of useful information & helpful tips.

Training was well done and focused on resources readily available without the need for large sums of funding to support the online programs and apps.

Very useful information from an expert!

It went into detail explaining how to use ads effectively to target a particular audience to get the most efficient use of your money.

The training was fast-paced, relevant, topical and well presented.

Jon’s expertise in this area is obvious.

Jon knows his stuff!

Easy to follow information and examples. Very hands on and good breakdown of what works.

What I liked most were all of Jon’s varieties of details to wring out the last erg of vaulted value invested in the time you spent getting going.

About the Host

Jon DiPietro is a digital marketing specialist with Liberty Digital Marketing and the author of Social Media for Engineers and Scientists. He helps political candidates use web technology, email marketing, social media, and digital advertising to be successful.

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