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Campaigning changed forever in 2020. Here's how to succeed.

Build Your Online Movement With Our Digital Activism Online Course


A Digital Strategy for 2020

Your digital strategy is probably broken. This course will show you why most candidates are still running like it’s 1999 and how to run your campaign like a digital marketing pro.

Master Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is easy. Doing it well is hard. You’ll learn how ad professionals use Facebook to get max results for min cost.

Tame the Technology

It’s a technology jungle out there. That’s why we provide you with tips, recommendations, checklists, and worksheets to help you dull the bleeding edge and avoid mistakes.

Create Great Content

Content is king, so we show you the secrets to creating great, persuasive content. Copywriting, graphics, video production, live streaming, and more are all covered in detail.

If you’re a candidate for office or a digital activist, this 50-video course will provide you with the strategies and tactics that professional digital marketers us every day. 

If are looking to learn how to use digital technology to get elected and/or grow a movement, this training is indispensable. For the past three years, Jon DiPietro has been training hundreds of local activists in person and is now making this information available as an online, self-guided course.

You’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to our Basic Training course
  • Lifetime access to Digital Activism Level 1 and Level 2
    • 12 modules (released weekly beginning 25-May)
    • 50 instructional videos
    • Downloadable worksheets and checklists
    • Access to our webinar archive
    • Lifetime upgrades
    • Access to member-only live sessions

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We’re offering a special launch discount until this Friday, May 19th at midnight EDT.
Modules will be released weekly beginning 25-May.

During checkout, apply the coupon code “activism2020” and receive $200 off.

What People Are Saying…

I’ve listened to a few of your webinars. This one was one of the best. Simple, yet informative with outstanding points. Thank you.

William D.

Thank you again for your time and information. I had already taken your full Boot Camp but this is above and beyond.

Nancy R.

Yes!! I definately got good value out of this.

Moira W.

In the last few years, on the subject of political persuasion I have benefitted from the thoughts and advice of political candidates, campaign managers/personnel, and persuasion experts — and among the very best of those thoughts and advice was the webinar you gave yesterday.   I took notes, shared your webinar link with a few political campaigns, and shared some of your advice with a very worthy political candidate..

Kudos to you, Jon, for your wisdom, your generosity in sharing your wisdom, and — equally important — your down-to-earth language used to share your wisdom.

Bobby L.

The Details

digital activism bootcamp slide

18+ Hours of Video Content

You’ll have access to 50 video modules containing more than 18 hours of video content covering all aspects of digital activism. Watch them in any order, anytime, at your own pace.

digital activism worksheet


The course provides downloadable checklists, templates, and worksheets to help you put together your best strategy.

digital activism facebook live

Webinars and Live Q&A

You’ll have lifetime access to our entire webinar archive plus invites to attend our Facebook live Q&A sessions.

What’s Covered…

Digital Activism Level 1

  •  Introduction
    • Meatball Sundaes
    • Case Study: Obama for America
    • Case Study: Trump 2016
  • Digital Strategy Essentials
    • Messaging
    • Building Audiences
    • Segmenting Audiences
    • Building a Digital Plan
  • Digital Infrastructure
    • The Campaign Technology Stack
    • Campaign Websites
    • Campaign Email
    • Social Media Channels
    • Cybersecurity
  • Content Essentials
    • Blogging
    • Creating Graphics and Images
    • Creating and Using Video
    • Podcasting
    • Content Creation
  • Facebook Essentials
    • Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups
    • Facebook Live
    • Facebook Messenger
    • The Facebook Newsfeed
  • Advertising Essentials
    • Anatomy of Ad Campaigns
    • Facebook Ad Account Setup
    • Authorizing Facebook Pages
    • Facebook Ad Walk-through: Impressions
    • Facebook Ad Walk-through: Segmentation
    • Facebook Ad Walk-through: Events

Digital Activism Level 2

  •  Mastering Digital Strategy
    • The Social Cycle
    • The Constituent’s Journey
    • Ad Budgeting and Benchmarking
  • Website Essentials
    • Domains & Hosting
    • Website Back End Setup
    • Website Front End Setup
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Analytics
  • Email Essentials
    • Email List Basics
    • Email Segmentation Basics
    • Email Campaigns
    • Email Automations
    • Email Integrations
  • Mastering Content
    • Persuasion Techniques
    • Effective Copywriting
    • Effective Visuals
  • Mastering Advertising
    • Facebook Ad Strategies
    • Google AdWords
    • Google Display Network
    • YouTube Ads
  • Digital Toolbox
    • Management and Organization Tools
    • Content Tools
    • Automation Hacks
    • Research and Aggregation

Special Launch Discount - Save $200








We’re offering a special launch discount until this Friday, May 19th at midnight EDT.

During checkout, apply the coupon code “activism2020” and receive $200 off.

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