Don't Waste Precious Campaign Dollars

Use these professional-grade tips and strategies.

Advertising on social media is easy. Doing it well is hard. Your political campaign is not the time for on-the-job training in a highly competitive landscape.

Advertising professionals share their secrets and shortcuts!

7 Common Mistakes – Avoid these 7 common mistakes that almost all first-time advertisers make.

Anatomy of a Digital Campaign – There’s a lot more to a successful advertising campaign than pressing the “Boost” button and hoping for the best. We’ll tell you what they are.

How to Run Facebook Ads (Successfully) – It’s a lot more complicated than most people realize. We walk you through the process and tell you what the jargon means, what works, and what to avoid.

Google Advertising Overview – Running Google ads can be very effective for name recognition. We’ll tell you what you need to know about Google advertising.


What People Are Saying…

It went into detail explaining how to use ads effectively to target a particular audience to get the most efficient use of your money.

Daniel R.

Very useful information from an expert!

Susan L.

Easy to follow information and examples. Very hands on and good breakdown of what works.

Jerry F.

Check Out What’s Inside…

Anatomy of a Campaign

Learn how a digital advertising campaign is structured and what the role of each part is.

What Are These?

Facebook has lots of different campaign types to choose from. We tell you which ones to use and which ones to ignore (and why).

Audience Secrets

Audience targeting is the most critical and complicated aspect of digital advertising. We’ll show you how to use these powerful techniques properly.

Display Networks

The Google Display Network is a great way to earn name recognition for your campaign. We provide an overview of how it works.

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