Establish Your Online Presence With Authority

Shorten your learning curve and dull the bleeding edge.

This massive, 92-page ebook walks candidates through all of the fundamental aspects of digital technology infrastructure for political campaigns.

Learn the right tools to use with your budget!

Website – If you do nothing else with this ebook, make sure you have a website as the home base for your campaign. It’s the single best digital tool available. We’ll go into more detail about why this is so important.

Accepting Donations – It’s hard work to convince people to donate to your campaign. Why would you make it even harder by not making it dead-simple for them to give you their money?

Social Media – Yes, social media is easy to do. No, social media is not easy to do well. We’ll tell you the difference.

Contact Database – Smart campaigns keep a detailed list of supporters, volunteers, and constituents. Email is also a vital component of successful campaigns. This ebook will present some affordable yet powerful solutions.

Communication and Collaboration – In today’s connected world, word travels fast and the nimbler your campaign, the better equipped you are to deal with that. Using the latest messaging and collaboration technologies will help you do that.

Analytics – You can’t manage what you’re not measuring. If you go the trouble of building a website, engaging on social media, and paying for digital advertisements you need to be able to see what’s working and what isn’t.

What People Are Saying…

Easy to follow information and examples. Very hands on and good breakdown of what works.

Jim T.

I was really intimidated by all of this technology. This ebook removes a lot of the mystery. I can do this!!

Nancy B.

Lots of useful information & helpful tips.

Karen D.

Check Out What’s Inside…

Technology Stack

What are the different technology solutions you need for your campaign how do they work together? We connect the dots.

Why You Need a Website

We’ll explain why it’s important for your campaign to have its own website for success in the short term and the long term.

Social Media Technology

Get your campaign set up on the major social networks and learn the basic steps for connecting with your constituents.

Accept Donations

How can your campaign get set up to accept donations? Learn how to make it fast and easy for supporters to give you money.

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