4 Resources To Launch a Successful Campaign Quickly

Our professional advice will reduce risk and give you an unfair advantage!

Thinking about running for local or state office? Already decided to run?

Our free Getting Started Bundle contains 4 of our most popular and important resources to make sure you’ve covered all the bases and get started on the right foot:

  • Am I Ready to Run? This worksheet contains 20 questions you must ask yourself before you commit to a campaign. We guarantee it will be best 15 minutes you’ll ever spend preparing for your political campaign! Take a little time now to avoid critical – but very common – costly mistakes.
  • Know Your Strengths – Sometimes we need someone to tell us when we have spinach stuck in our teeth. As a political candidate, you need honest, unvarnished feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. We give you 23 questions that will reveal how to improve your campaign.
  • Issue Profile/Breakdown – This worksheet is designed to help you analyze the top three issues your campaign should focus on. Working to narrow down your top issue profile will allow you to build a campaign that is direct and issue focused.
  • Sample Budget – We’ve created a spreadsheet for you that breaks down typical expense line items for operations, voter contact, and fundraising by month. Use this convenient template to map out your campaign’s financial plan.

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