Expert Roundup: How to Create Earned Media for Your Political Campaign

We are currently developing an expert roundup article for political candidates running for local office. We’re inviting political reporters and journalists to submit their favorite tip or story to advise candidates how they can improve their chances of generating earned media for their campaigns.

At Candidate Boot Camp, our mission is to “democratize democracy” by lowering the barriers to running for political office. A recurring theme of our training and advice is to make the most of their announcement day. If you’re a local or national political reporter, we’d love to hear your war stories, cautionary tales, success anecdotes, tips, and/or advice for these candidates. What mistakes should they avoid? How can they gain your attention? What makes your job easier? What makes it harder? What resonates with your readership?

We’re collecting submissions through June 30th, 2017 with the intention of publishing our roundup article in early July. Your contribution can be as short as 150 words or as long as you like. The focus is on first-time candidates running for state, county, or municipal office with small or non-existent budgets.

If you’re interested in being included in our expert roundup, please email Sarah Stewart at [email protected].

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