The Holidays might be over but don’t throw away those greeting cards just yet!

Maintaining an accurate campaign database should be a top priority throughout your campaign and it is never too early to start.

If you are thinking of running for office (no matter if it is local, state or federal) you need to build a campaign database and the perfect foundation for such a list are the folks you exchange Holiday cards with.

So as you sweep up evergreen needles and carefully pack away strings of lights collect all of the holiday cards you have received and put them in a safe place. This way when you sit down at your computer and start your campaign database you have a great pile of contacts to start with.

Remember, a useful database is constantly updated. Don’t let missing information prevent you from making a data entry. Even if you only have a mailing address for someone, enter that info and fill in the missing contact information (cell number, email address, etc.) later on.

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