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how to run for political officeHow to Run for Political Office

If you’re considering a run for local or state office, you should read our comprehensive guide about How to Run for Political Office in 2022.  It’s a condensed version of our Basic Training course and touches on everything you need to know about running for office.

Free Resources

We offer a wide variety of free resources for political candidates to learn more about how to run a successful campaign. In addition to the downloadable resources on this page, you can also subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

Campaign Blueprint

Everything you need to know to run for political office.

This 17-page download outlines everything you need to think about in your campaign for office. It includes a handy timeline to plan your approach, our digital infrastructure technology stack diagram to build a winning digital presence, a huge 30-point checklist to make sure you leave no stone unturned, and a massive campaign mind map containing 264 different details and concepts you need to know.

Sample Campaign Budget

Plan and track your campaign expenses and revenue!

We’ve made our political campaign budget Excel spreadsheet available for download. It will allow you to plan and track operations, voter contact, and fundraising expenses and revenue.

Are You Ready to Run for Political Office?

20 questions you must ask yourself before you commit to a campaign!

Before you raise your first dime or issue your first press release, it’s critical that you’ve thought everything through. Our campaign experts know what it takes to get elected to political office at every level. We’ve put together a workbook that will allow you to answer confidently whether or not you’re ready to run.

How to Assess Your Political Strengths and Weaknesses

23 questions that will reveal how to improve your campaign.

What about your personality and experience will make you a strong candidate? What might be a weakness? How do you know? Our campaign pros have worked with countless candidates over the years and we’ve seen them all. This worksheet will help you identify strengths and weaknesses that will lead to a stronger overall campaign strategy.

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