Political Campaign Photography and Videography


The most powerful tool any local political candidate will own is their smartphone. It’s a computer, camera, and video recorder all in the palm of your hand. This ebook will provide tips and tricks that will give your campaign a boost by making the most of these incredible devices.

We discuss how to shop for a smartphone for your campaign, teach you how to take the best pictures possible, improve the quality of your video captures and broadcasts, and offer you a list of handy apps you can download.



The good news about modern campaigns is that social media offers the ability to connect with voters in ways that never were possible before. The bad news is that it requires candidates to be more technically savvy than ever before. In this ebook we’re going to give you some tools and tips to take advantage of the technology without overwhelming you with gadgetry.

Humans are visual creatures. Our brains are designed to remember faces and we respond accordingly. If your campaign can take advantage of this, it will give your social media presence a major advantage.

In this ebook, we’ll cover:

  • Smartphones: Your single most important campaign communication tool.
  • Photography: Tools and tips for capturing, enhancing, and publishing campaign pictures.
  • Videography: Tools and tips for capturing, enhancing, and publishing campaign videos.
  • Useful Apps: Manage your media library and collaborate with your campaign team with some of these recommended apps and services. Also, take your efforts to the next level with some simple tools that will add a lot of polish with little skill or effort.


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