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Train and Equip Your Champions

At Candidate Boot Camp, we’re democratizing democracy by teaching citizens how to put together an effective campaign for elected office by offering online, low-cost, non-partisan training. We help advocacy groups get their supporters elected to local and state political office with resources you can use in virtual or live settings.

I've assisted and run campaigns since 2000. The tools, resources, and partnerships Candidate Boot Camp are ideal for any campaign, organization, or up and coming political operative.

B.J. Perry

Political Marketing Manager, Talient Action Group

Classroom Resources

Do you run live training seminars or boot camps? We’ve put together a free training resource package can save you time and improve the quality and quantity of information you deliver.

Political Candidate Training

We offer group discounts so you can deliver our Basic Training online course to your organization. Getting your supporters elected to state and local office is the shortest path to real change.

Local Races: The Sleeping Giant

Federal and (some) state-level candidates have the resources to hire professional expertise to help them win. But 99% of candidates are on their own.

Learning How to Win

Created by a team of experienced campaign professionals, our tools reduce candidates’ risks and improve their outcomes by showing them proven strategies and best practices used by the pros. They avoid costly mistakes and shorten their learning curve.

Classroom Resources

candidate training classDo you run live training seminars or boot camps? We’ve put together a free training resource package can save you time and improve the quality and quantity of information you deliver.

Our FREE kit includes:

  • Training Outline – This outline and mind map provide a comprehensive list of all topics covered in our Basic Training course. You can use it as a guide to the topics you may or may not want to include in your own seminars.
  • Worksheets – You can either hand out this worksheet bundle or provide them to your attendees electronically:
    • Am I Ready to Run? 20 questions the candidate should answer before deciding to run.
    • Issue Profile – Guided process for determining the candidate’s top three issues.
    • Know Your Strengths – Worksheets for the candidate and supporters to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.
    • 72-hour Checklist – This critical resource makes sure nothing is left to chance on election day.
  • Sample Budget – This handy Excel spreadsheet provides a template for planning and tracking expenses and donations.
  • Campaign Infrastructure Ebook – Our massive, 92-page ebook explains how candidates at every budget point can assemble powerful digital infrastructure, including building a simple website, accepting donations, setting up social media channels, building and maintaining a contact database, communicating and collaborating with a team, and measuring everything with analytics tools.
  • $50 Off Coupon – We’ll send you your own, personalized coupon code for up to 30 people in your group to get $50 off our Basic Training course.
Get Your Kit

Political Candidate Training

online candidate trainingWe offer group discounts so you can affordably deliver our Basic Training online course to your organization. Getting your supporters elected to state and local office is the shortest path to real change. This training reduces their risk exposure and gives them an unfair advantage over their opponents.

The self-paced, online course includes:

  • Over 3 hours of high-quality, self-paced, online video training
  • Dozens of downloadable worksheets, checklists, and templates
  • Lifetime membership to our secret Facebook mastermind group


Lots of state and local parties run great, in-person training workshops for candidates and I've attended and organized many of them. They are very helpful but having the ability to access online training and downloadable resources 24 hours a day is a great advantage. I will absolutely use Candidate Boot Camp to train advocates to run for office.
David Topping

Tennessee Political Strategist

Our group training option gives you instant access to the training course and lets you manage access by either manually adding names and emails or by uploading a spreadsheet.

The following table lists our group pricing discount schedule:

DiscountPrice per Seat
1 to 40%$497
5 to 920%$398
10 to 2430%$348
25 to 4940%$298
50 to 9950%$249
100+Contact Us

Revenue Generator or Member Benefit

Once you purchase training seats, you’re free to charge whatever you like! Give the seats away as a member benefit or charge full price and use the difference to fund your advocacy goals.

Our training course includes 8 comprehensive modules:

  1. Considering a Run: This is a pre-flight checklist, if you will, to make sure all systems are “go” before you begin.
  2. Campaign Structure & Organization: Before delving into the nitty-gritty, we need to explain some key concepts and terminology for political campaigns.
  3. Exploratory Phase: This is the final checklist before you start building out your campaign strategy or team.
  4. Pre-announcement: Now is where the fun begins! You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so this module aims to prepare you for success.
  5. Announcement Day: You’ve done all of your homework, so now it’s time to commit and launch your campaign.
  6. Campaign Strategies, Priorities, & Tactics: This module presents the real meat of a campaign and provides priceless advice that will save you money and improve your outcomes.
  7. Growing Support: Now your campaign is in the home stretch and it’s a matter of continuing to expand the reach of your campaign.
  8. The Day After: Win or lose, you’ll want to be prepared for the outcome of your election efforts.

In addition to the video instruction, there 24 downloadable worksheets, templates and ebooks.

Planning01 - Considering a RunAm I Ready to Run?Worksheet
Planning02 - Campaign Structure & OrganizationIdentify Key SupportersWorksheet
Planning02 - Campaign Structure & OrganizationSample DatabaseTemplate
Planning02 - Campaign Structure & OrganizationSample Sign-in SheetTemplate
Planning03 - Exploratory PhaseKnow Your StrengthsWorksheet
Planning03 - Exploratory PhaseKnow Your Strengths- Self EvaluationWorksheet
Planning03 - Exploratory PhaseLocal Leadership IdentificationWorksheet
Planning03 - Exploratory PhaseIssue Profile/BreakdownWorksheet
Planning04 - Pre-announcementSample BudgetTemplate
Planning04 - Pre-announcementSample Press Release/ Draft ReleaseTemplate
Planning04 - Pre-announcementSample Press ListTemplate
Planning04 - Pre-announcementBranding and MessagingeBook
Planning04 - Pre-announcementSample CalendarTemplate
Planning04 - Pre-announcementCampaign InfrastructureeBook
Planning04 - Pre-announcementPre-announcement ChecklistWorksheet
Planning04 - Pre-announcementSample announcement day email scriptsTemplate
Execution05 - Announcement DayPhotography and VideographyeBook
Execution06 - Campaign Strategies, Priorities, & TacticsDigital AdvertisingeBook
Execution06 - Campaign Strategies, Priorities, & TacticsEmail ChecklistWorksheet
Execution06 - Campaign Strategies, Priorities, & TacticsSocial Media Best PracticeseBook
Execution06 - Campaign Strategies, Priorities, & TacticsFundraising Kit (fundraising letter, donation script)eBook
Execution07 - Growing SupportTelephone/ Walk ScriptTemplate
Execution07 - Growing SupportEvent ChecklistWorksheet
Execution07 - Growing Support72-hour ChecklistWorksheet

You can watch the orientation video for the training series…

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